1970’s Group Dance Competition Costumes- It’s groovy baby

Here is one of the group costumes we custom made for a dance school client.  The theme was a 1970’s track and funky cat suits and fur shrugs were the order of the day.  The costumes were made in a selection of colours and prints that looked very 70’s including various leopard print spandex fabrics and some bright neon colours .  We made different style, some sleeveless and some featuring the classic ABBA/1970’s style bell sleeve.

What did our client think of the service she received?

“We are absolutely delighted with the costumes. They fit perfectly. The service you provide is quick with excellent communication, and the quality of material used is fantastic. I’m totally happy with these costumes and will most definitely be using you again in the future!! ”

The fur shrugs were made from acrylic fur , the fur was literally flying when we made these!  Each costume was custom made for each dancer as the costume is full length and they were made and despatched within one month of order confirmation! (Please note we prefer to have a little more time than this! so get in touch sooner rather than later if you would like to start discussing a group costume for your next performance.)

We started from scratch with these, what was the track, what age girls ? We then moved on to style and finally fabrics.  We try very hard to give clients what they want and whilst it can be difficult sometimes to work out how to translate a dance teacher’s vision into reality! We have a 100% success rate so far.  If you need a new dance costume for your group, why don’t you get in touch we still have some spaces in our order book and are happy to provide no obligation quotes. It is always helpful to know the track, the style, range of ages within group and if possible your budget.  We have provided bespoke group costumes for prices ranging from £30 to £55 per dancer depending on what was needed/complexity/fabric cost etc.  If you like one of our existing designs, we can offer considerable discounts if you are buying costumes for a group.  We only discuss group dance costume ideas/designs/costings with dance teachers/dance school proprietors/choreographers as it can take quite a lot of time to research and come up with ideas for design and fabrics as well as cost the whole project.  Get in touch with us direct at DanceFestivalCostumes@gmail.com

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