Finding the perfect costume for character and song and dance

Finding the perfect costume for a character or song and dance piece for dance festivals can be difficult, especially if your next festival is looming! Here at Dance Festival Costumes, we make all costumes by hand for the individual and we are able to respond quickly to requests for new costumes , with quick turnaround time and quick delivery for our dance festival costumes. We love a challenge and if you haven’t got a picture or idea of how you would like your song and dance or character costume to look, we can come up with ideas and solutions.

Our costumes are not the same as the ones you can buy mass made in the cheaper fancy dress on line stores, they look good, fit well and allow your child to dance, when performing their song and dance or character piece, a very important consideration!

Here is a link to our song and dance and character section,  we can custom make any song and dance or character costume for you and whilst we would prefer to have 4 weeks to work our magic we are often able to create your costume in less time. It is worth bearing in mind that your child may be performing their solo for a couple of years and buying something that lasts, can be washed and ironed  and still looks good on stage after two years will save you money in the long run.  It is also worth bearing in mind that if you buy a good costume you should be able to re-sell it and recoup some of your initial outlay.  To give you an idea of price, the “do you want to build a snowman” from frozen song and dance costume is part of my regular range and starts at £43.00, whereas the custom made special order pyjamas with matching bloomers  for a song and dance solo from Matilda the musical for a dance festival cost £70.00 (A lot of work and detail involved in these!)

Get in touch if you would like a quote. If you have a child that performs at dance festivals you might want to like our Facebook page as we usually post pictures of our latest creations on there.

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