Custom made for dancing in – some of our highlights

We have loved making these special custom made dance festival costumes for our customers.  Lots of lovely “stand out” character and song and dance pieces.  They look fantastic, they fit perfectly and are designed to be danced in so they will help you achieve that perfect performance at your next dance festival or competition.  Many of our character and song and dance costumes are made as cat suits and leotards so you still have complete freedom of movement even though it might look as though you are wearing a shirt, waistcoat, tie and trousers!! Here is a link to the character and song and dance section on our website (Whilst you’re there why don’t you take a look at our modern ,tap and National costumes!) .  We usually start off by getting an idea of what you are looking for, we then come up with a detailed proposal and price.   The price will not change even if we find it is a lot more difficult to make than we thought!!  Custom made prices start at £65 and the price for your costume will depend on the cost of fabrics and materials and the amount of time we estimate your costume will take to make.  We have been experiencing unprecedented demand over the last few months and already many group bookings for September so we are encouraging customers to start thinking early about getting their custom made character and song and dance costumes made whilst we have space in our order book.  We are happy to provide no obligation quotes so why don’t you get in touch , or comment on this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


    • Hi Emma, I think you have also sent me a message via Facebook and I have replied to you on there. In case it helps other customers, I have the original vintage patterns for some sizes and so can make these fairly quickly if I have the pattern in the right size, can sometimes get these made in less than a week it depends on the number of orders we are dealing with. If I need to find this vintage pattern in another size that may add another 10 days as I have only ever been able to find them in USA!

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