Under the Sea – our latest -“absolutely fabulous”-“fits beautifully”

We were contacted by the parent of a dancer about to compete in her first dance festival and (we’ve all been there) was unsure what sort of costume would be right for her daughters modern solo and needed it quickly.  The solo was to “under the sea” and so we racked our brains, we had to keep costs down as this was her daughters first experience of doing festivals and quite rightly the parent wanted to make sure she enjoyed them first! Our client’s lovely feedback below photos (we do love to hear what you think of our costumes!):

Here is what we came up with, one of our asymmetric shorty unitards, only made in a special super stretch velvet in a turquoise/blue with lots of added sparkle (actually quite hard to photograph this fabric to show its full glory as we don’t have stage lights here! and very evocative of the sea) and then we pulled out all the stops and with a bit of gluing and sticking and re-arranging we made a starfish hair accessory to finish it all off.  We take great care when making our costumes to ensure that as little as possible of the fabric’s stretch is used at the beginning to allow for growth in the hope that your dance festival solo costume will last for as long as your daughter is still performing that solo -obviously no guarantees as depends how fast your daughter grows -but we do our best and we take a great deal of care over this.

Here are the pictures :

” It is absolutely fab . My daughter loves it !! It fits beautifully and the fabric choice by you was perfect. The hair slide really finishes it off and I can’t thank you enough for doing such a professional job in a short space of time. I was really apprehensive as I found you through the internet and you can never be sure, but I am so pleased I did. Thank you for guiding me through and for the beautiful outfit I will take a picture and share with you next week. Just fingers crossed she enjoys it now at the moment she is really nervous
Thanks again “

We are very busy at the moment but always looking ahead to our next busy time which will be the lead up to Easter competitions, if you would like something custom made then it is best to start discussing this as early as possible.  We are already so booked up that we cannot agree to make any custom made costumes that are needed before 15th February and the next week is already getting booked up so please do not delay. Generally we take a deposit of half the amount up front and then send you photos and invoice the balance once we have shown you photos.

Here is a link to our website if you would like to see more of our work and if you follow our blog you will see all new posts showing our latest creations and photos.  There is a follow this blog button if you scroll down home page on left hand side.

Use the contact form below if you would like to discuss possibilities/get a quote and please note it is always helpful (so we can send you a considered response) if you let us know when it is needed for , what style/genre of dance/theme/music/teachers advice about what is needed/pictures etc.



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