Alice in Wonderland dance costumes by Dance Festival Costumes

We often get asked to make Alice in Wonderland costumes (yet-strangely not an Alice costume) and we thought we would share some of them with you. We made the playing card print dance costume for a dancer performing a song and dance solo to “Paint the Roses Red” and it looks lovely , see photo below.  We also made a Tudor/Elizabethan hand sewn ruff to finish it off and this was very fiddly but we were very happy with the final result.  This was made with an adjustable neck band to allow for growth.

We also wanted to show you our playing card group dance festival costumes.  We were asked to come up with a dance costume for a group to wear in an Alice in Wonderland  dance school show , they were to be playing cards.  We put a lot of thought (and sewing!) into these and they are just the right size, enough stiffness to look like a playing card but not to stiff to get in the way of dancing!  here they are, lovely feedback from the dance school principal:

“Received the parcel today and so happy with them.”” Amazing thank you so much for your help and patience :)”


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