“Boov” costumes : Highly recommended….outstanding….excellent….brilliant….

We were asked towards the end of last year to come up with a design for a dance school group who were going to do a group dance for competitions and dance festivals based on the “Boov” from Dreamworks animated film “Home”. See our fantastic feedback below. We are getting a lot of commissions from dance schools (here is a link to other examples of our work for dance schools) to come up with festival and competition dance costumes for groups and troupes. Please feel free to contact us and please note we do not do shiny lycra and all costumes are made to be flattering, fit well, move nicely when dancing and provide decent coverage (lined bodices etc) , we have provided costumes for groups with members ranging from tiny 7yr olds to tall teenagers (inc sizes 18-20) . We can take all the worry out of this for dance teachers as we can custom make costumes for those pupils who are extra tall or otherwise vary from average sizes so that all pupils look great in their costumes.  We have made a number of costumes where there are variations on a theme so that not all the dancers have the same costume, really anything is possible.

We have such lovely customers, here is what our  dance teacher client had to say about these costumes; “I would highly recommend Helen at Dance Festival Costumes, her quality of costumes and attention to detail is outstanding right from the consultation to the finished product.  Communication was excellent throughout Helen kept me updated regularly and came up with a brilliant design to suit exactly what I was looking for.Thanks again for a really brilliant service, the children love their costumes.”

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