Custom made Jailhouse Rock Tap Dance Costume

Dance Festival Costumes recently made a custom made dance costume for a dancer performing a tap dance festival solo to jailhouse Rock and here are some photos of this dancer looking absolutely lovely in her costume. This dance costume is on a leotard base, with puff sleeve, sequin braces and a sparkly skirt with special sewn in underskirt.  We even made a little pill box jailhouse hat to finish it off. Our client (thank you for the lovely photos!) was thrilled with the result:

“My daughter’s costume is just amazing. She looks and feels great. I love the way you have stitched in the netting – very ingenious & really does avoid the bunching round the waist. The hat is perfect and with the loops provided pins, attaches and stays in place really easily . You’re whole service is efficient and the craftsmanship is beautiful. Thank you.
Kind regards

We make our rock n roll skirts using a rather ingenious way of sewing in a separate net underskirt so you don’t get the bunching/lumpiness around the waist you will get with mass produced costumes. If you look carefully you will see there are little cuffs on the sleeve with the stripes running the other way, another nice touch. Every aspect of the costume is made to measure, to make sure it looks lovely on day one but also that it allows room for growth. When we take your order we ask how long you want the skirt so you can have it just as you want it! We even sewed in loop tape inside the little pill box hat so it can be secured with hairpins to make sure it stays on. All part of the service.  Contact us if you would like a quote for a custom made dance festival costume

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