Goldilocks character ballet dance costume

Here is our latest custom made character ballet costume , ready to go out in the post to its lucky new owner (In case you didn’t know we also make lycra catsuits, unitards and dresses for modern, tap and lyrical! dance festival and competition solos check out our website) . Beautifully made in a mixture of yellow and white gingham and white cotton fabrics with a pretty lace trim .  Perfect costume for Goldilocks character at dance festivals and competitions. We custom make lots of character and song and dance costumes (here is a link to the page featuring more of our work on our website) .  To save your time (and ours!) our pricing is based on a number of factors , the main cost of which is the time it takes to make something bespoke and also the cost of fabric (we only use good quality) . For something along these lines in a smallish size our prices start at around £120 and I mention this as many people are unrealistic about the cost involved in having something made .It is also best to allow plenty of time and to plan ahead, we always allow room for growth wherever possible in the hope that the costume will last your child a long time.  Contact us if you are thinking about getting a costume made.

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