Secret Garden Character Costume

Remember our Secret Garden Character Ballet costume , well here are some fabulous photos (thank you to the dancer’s mum) of the dancer looking absolutely lovely in her Secret Garden costume.  Full credit to the dancer’s mum for the amazing secret garden gate !!! amazing!!! To see more pictures info on the website page dedicated to this costume click here. We can now only take one or two more custom made character costume orders to be delivered before Christmas and due to orders already placed for February half term we will only have a few slots for Jan/February for solo character costumes.  Happy to take deposit now and balance payment end Dec start January (as we all know how expensive Christmas can be) Contact us for a quote and it is worth noting that for character costumes prices start around £90 for simpler costumes in smaller sizes, this one was very complicated to make.  We also make lots of modern and tap costumes and can make more or less anything!

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