Custom made dance costumes for dance festivals and competitions-geek chic

Here is a photo of two dancers looking absolutely fabulous in their custom made “Geek chic” dance costumes (thank you for the photo!) by Dance Festival Costumes.  Congratulations on your success , earning 2nd place with your tap routine 1st time out in your new costumes.  What did our customers say about their costumes? “costumes are fab” …. “we love them”.  Contact us for a quote we already have lots of bookings for May half term and can now take only a limited number of custom made orders for May half term.We designed these for our customer, producing a sketch first to make sure we understood what was needed, checked out fabrics  and then  custom made these for a perfect fit .  We think these look fabulous on and we love the way you have accessorised these. We will deal with queries in order received after the long weekend 🙂


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