3 years since Dance Festival Costumes started up-the story so far

We wanted to say a big thank you to all our customers who have been without exception lovely, appreciative and understanding. We were so busy on 25th April and ever since that we forgot to recognise the fact that Dance Festival Costumes has now been going for 3 years! In this time we have created a huge number of costumes for  dance festival and competition solos, duets, trios and large dance school groups.  WE have put a slideshow together showing some of our work over the last 3 years but you can see more by going to our website  We have created dance costumes for all dance genres, including tap , modern , jazz , national , character, song and dance , rock and roll  and freestyle beginners  . We love to see the end result and many of you have sent in photos over the years of your children wearing their costumes at dance festivals and competitions and please continue to do so, no matter how long ago you had your costume made! We have been making for more and more large dance school groups and so far have retained all our customers we are now and taking on some new ones.  We only discuss group costumes with dance school principals as it can take time to put a quote together and it is much better that we speak to the person who will be making the decision.   Please feel free to share our post on your page or with your dance school and please don’t let us be your best kept secret.  Most of our customers are coming to us on a recommendation and this is how we now get most of our work 🙂

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