Lovely news about one of our song and dance customers

About 18 months ago we were asked to custom make a nice old fashioned traditional style dress for our customer’s daughter who was going to start performing a new song and dance solo.  We had a photo of the sort of look our customer wanted and we looked all over for the right fabric and we were all very happy with the result.  We have posted pictures of this performer in the past and it was lovely to hear the great news (a few weeks ago-we are a bit behind with our posts )  that this performer recently won the NCDTA juvenile song and dance championships!!!! Thank you to this performer’s mum for sending in these lovely photos, you must be very proudWhat an achievement  and well done you .  Here is a link to the original page with details about this costume and here is some of the feedback we had from our customer:

Thank you for you lovely costume that got great compliments from all who saw it! 

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