Florence Nightingale character ballet solo costume

Thought we would share some photos of one of Dance Festival Costumes’ recent creations a custom made costume for a Florence Nightingale character ballet solo (more pictures on the page dedicated to this costume) .  We made a navy dress with white lace collar, button detail and Florence Nightingale style black ribbon detail at the neck.  We made special cuffs to help create the look of a nurse during the Crimean war and also a really full white apron with long ties (too long actually we shortened them after photographing them!) .  Both  the skirt and apron were made using circular shaped patterns so that they would move beautifully whilst dancing.  We make lots of character and song and dance costumes check out the page dedicated to these on our website.

Contact us if you would like a quote , if you need something, particularly if it is complicated, any earlier than February half term you need to be getting in touch ASAP as we already have a lot of group bookings for January!

What did our customer think of the costume we made for her daughter?

“The dress is spot on and [my daughter] absolutely loves it as do I. Even my husband said how extremely well made it was and how lovely it was on her..  It spins out beautifully on her turns. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I will let you know how she gets on at the Festival too.”



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