Customer Feedback for our Greatest Showman circus ringmaster dance costume

We recently received feedback from a customer in the USA for whom we made a ringmaster ice skating costume and here it is:

The outfit looks awesome! Thank you! It is exactly what we were hoping to receive! It’s beautiful, and I’m so glad we were able to work with you! Here is a picture of Olivia in it! I will send you another one when her hair is actually done for her competition! 

Thank you!! 

love making these Circus Ringmaster themed dance costumes for festivals and competitions and are getting more queries than ever since The Greatest Showman came out.  At Dance Festival Costumes, we have made a few different variations, one piece, two piece and even a version with a full skirt for ice skating.  These take time and care and have a lot of detail and hologram sparkly gold sequin trim which means they look amazing on stage. Contact us to discuss your requirements . Here is link to page showing more ringmaster photos and some client feedback.


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