Just you wait Henry Higgins

We seem to have been too busy at Dance Festival Costumes to post some of our latest creations on our website, here is one of our recent song and dance costumes (link to index page for some of our character and song and dance costumes) which we made some weeks ago now.  This was created for an Eliza Doolittle song and dance festival solo to “Just you wait Henry Higgins…”.  This dress was made to measure and was made with a full circle skirt so it is lovely to dance in and the sleeves are puffed at the top just like the original. The neck has a high lace collar with concealed fastening at the back.  We cannot accommodate any orders for delivery before early June (solos) mid June for groups .  We are also working on our own collection (with a theme which is proving very popular!!!!!!!)  which can be purchased as made to order items rather than custom made so we may have to halt all custom made solos at some point so we can complete that work.  Contact us to discuss your requirements, please be realistic about cost, prices start £90-£100 but depends on complexity /fabric costs etc.

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