More medal success!!!! Matilda school uniform style dance costume


Hope you are all enjoying the amazing weather and the break from being  chauffeurs and hairdressers to your dancing children!  You may remember this lovely little costume that we made a while ago and featured on our website.  A big thank you to this dancers mother for sending us this great photo of her daughter looking absolutely lovely in her Matilda song and dance costume , custom made by Dance festival Costumes.Warmest congratulations on coming 1st place, gold medal with 89 marks at a recent dance festival (first time out in her new costume!) , here are some photos below. CONTACT US WITHOUT DELAY IF YOU NEED COSTUME(S) BEFORE CHRISTMAS

Customer feedback:“Just wanted to let you know my daughter wore her Matilda costume you made for the first time today at [ a dance festival] and she came 1st with 89 marks! Must be a lucky costume. Many thanks-it looked beautiful on stage

Please note for one reason and another we have been extremely busy this last few weeks and have had to turn quite a few orders away .  The earliest we can now despatch new orders is 19th September.  I am holding this open for 1 week to existing customers (dance schools and individuals who have placed orders with us before) thereafter I will open it up to others who have contacted me during that time.  Prices START at 90 pounds  for the simplest made to measure costume. We have received a much large than usual amount of frustrating and time wasting enquiries recently, so please contact us only if costume needed before Christmas , you realise it will cost more than a second hand outfit and you are able to measure your child as we work form measurements. (excuse mini rant!)





Have attached a couple of photos for you.


Many thanks,


Fiona Dumelow

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