Peppermint Patty Song and Dance Character Costume from Snoopy the Musical

We were delighted to be asked to make another song and dance costume from “Snoopy the Musical “, this time it was a Peppermint Patty custom made song and dance solo costume for a Dance Festival .  This costume consists of a custom print to match the stripes of peppermint Patty’s shirt and attached navy blue hot pants with the white stripe down the sides.  This costume was made with a collar and a keyhole clasp fastening at the back. A big thank you to the dancer’s mum for sending us these great photos of her daughter looking absolutely lovely in her custom made song and dance costume.

“We love it thanks and fits great! 😊

“[My daughter] danced today in her outfit! 1st time out came away with a 2nd xx
Look great on stage x”
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