Vintage Circus Style Dance Costumes -collection

Here is a sneak peak at a Dance Festival Costumes recent project, some of our vintage circus dance costume collection (They have not all been photographed yet).  We have just the thing for tightrope walkers, acrobats, mime artists, lion tamers, ringmasters and of course clowns.  Most of our circus dance costume collection uses red and white striped /black and white striped and harlequin prints .  Some of these are prototypes for a group we are costuming in the USA.  Some samples will be available for sale soon and can also be ordered on a made to measure basis, all samples are roughly 8/10yrs but we will be able to provide actual costume measurements. Get in touch especially if you need costumes by October half term we only have limited availability now and only have capacity to make unitard/catsuits/leotards rather than more complex character costumes.

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