Half term and order times for January 2019…..yes 2019!!!

Phew…. half term differs across the country this year which has made it a little easier to for Dance Festival Costumes to get all those last minute orders out!!! Wishing all our customers a happy and successful half term No more sewing for 10 days though I will be around to take orders/deal with queries.   Here is a dance competition costume we made recently for a customer in the USA , Cosette from Les Miserables.More information about that below.   I wanted to give out many loyal customers a heads up about order times, due to some special family celebrations and Christmas the workshop will be closed between Friday 7th December and 4th January.  That means that if you want a costume for January you really need to get it made before Christmas or there is a risk we will have to turn you away.  Note that we only have 5 weeks in the workshop between now and Christmas. We are turning a lot of customers away during our busiest times of year Sep/Oct  and Jan/Feb.  get in touch and please be realistic, prices for custom made generally range from £100-200 depending on complexity.  if you want a very straightforward short costume, it  may be less.

This Cosette character song and dance competition has been designed with dancing in mind, it consists of a leotard and a skirt.  The leotard has a centre panel with mock lace up effect and a frill around inside of neckline.  The idea is to have a close fitting bodice so that all the dancers hard work and good lines can be seen without having something that restricts movement.  This will move with the dancer and the skirt is elasticated and has a “peasant” apron with patch details, the skirt is cut as a complete circle and was tattered by hand to give the right effect for Cosette.  All in all, this costume will allow plenty of room for growth .This design would also work for a little match girl.  We make lots of character costumes , check out our character and song and dance costume page here.

Contact us to discuss your requirements whether it is for a solo, duet or large dance school group!

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