“A little Princess” Character ballet solo costume

Sharing one of Dance Festival Costumes‘ recent creations, a bespoke character solo costume for character ballet solo based on “A Little Princess” , the well known children’s book (and film) .  As requested by our client (and agreed with the dance teacher with whom we also liaised) it was based on the costume worn by Shirley Temple in the older film version and is made from ivory fabric with lace and little pink rosebud trim with a satin pink sash. We provided a sketch and made this beautiful dress, we even purchased the petticoat for our client and made sure it was the right length for the dress.  The ivory satin hair bow hair accessory was the finishing touch.  The dress was made to allow for growth and also so that it would be lovely to dance in and not restrict movement.


Both our client and the dance teacher loved this costume:“Hi Helen,Another beautiful costume! Thank you so much”

We make lots of character costumes( as well as groups, modern, tap, lyrical, song and dance, disco, rock n roll……… for dance festivals and competitions.  Sometimes we are able to make costumes very quickly but it is best to allow 4-8 weeks. Please note we are closed for most of the school holidays and so if you need your dance costume for a dance festival or a competition in September you will need to contact us and book in ASAP.