“Be our Guest” group dance costumes

Here are some lovely costumes we made earlier this year for a dance school troupe performing to “Be our Guest”.   Very age appropriate and perfect for “be our guest”. Each costume has a big satin bow at the back waist, lace up bodice (effect) flounce sleeves and either cropped trousers or bustle style skirt with leotard pants. Even better, congratulations are in order as this group got 1st place the first time they performed this number !!! Well done to all of you and to the parent“s s who stoned these costumes in record time!!.  What did our client say about these costumes? “Chuffed to bits with these costumes they look gorgeous on stage! Love them. Thanks once again for your wonderful work we came away with another first place! Over the moon xxxx”

We started discussing this last year and we started from sketches and an idea provided by the dance teacher which developed into the costumes you see on this page. Lovely colour choice with a vibrant candy pink and turquoise lycra looking great under the lights (especially with the sparkle added by the parents).

Here are some pictures of the costumes including some kindly supplied by the teacher/parents.