Child Catcher Chitty Chitty Bang Bang character costume

I recently finished making this amazing dance festival character costume for one of our customers, a cat suit , made to look like a shirt , tie and waistcoat with neck tie (just like the child catcher wore in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the yellow cape made to look as identical as possible to the Child Catcher’s costume in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .  When I first agreed to do this, I thought it would be difficult, little did I know just how intricate unusual and strange the designs on the cape were.  After many hours freeze framing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and sketching the designs (slightly freaky as this character really scared me as a child!) I had the basics.  This costume involved lots of applique and some embroidery , challenging? Yes definitely but the result was worth it.  here is a picture of our customer’s daughter looking absolutely amazing in her costume, performing her character piece at a dance festival, with finishing touches (including hat) put together by our customer.

Childcatcher cloak Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Child catcher character dance costume

We love a challenge and are happy to give no obligation quotes for song and dance. character and any other type of costume.  Some customers want lots of detail, others prefer the more economical option of having a costume with less detail.  Contact us if you are interested in having a costume made.  Here are some more pictures;

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