Custom made and design your own

Custom Made Dance Festival Costumes

As well as our current range of dance costumes, we are often asked to custom make dance costumes for a specific solo or performance.  We can make anything whether on a stretch leotard/cat suit base or made from woven fabrics (e.g. national dance costume/character costume).  These costumes are often featured in our posts and appear in the sections devoted to the various dance genres but we have also gathered some of them together on this page.  It is worth noting that our prices for custom made are based on the cost of fabrics including delivery to us (we have to pay individual delivery for each non stock fabric used as cannot buy small quantities wholesale)  and the time we estimate it will take to make. Generally we cannot make anything custom made (that does not include items from our made to order range with slight alterations) for less than approx £90 plus p&p (to save  your time and ours! )

You can see more custom made costumes here on our Home Page , which consists of blog posts about our latest creations and also here in our song and dance and character pages

Our clients sometimes contact us with a very specific idea about what they want and sometimes we work from scratch with clients to come up with an idea for their costume.  We get lovely feedback from our clients about this service, all our custom made costumes have been a great fit and our clients have all loved the costumes we have produced for them.  Please contact us for a no obligation quote, it is always helpful to know your deadline and what kind of dance it is for.  You can either use the contact form or e mail us at or even text me on 0789 1978774.  We are happy to be contacted evenings and weekends and we will get back to you as soon as we can!  We can sometimes (depending on our workload) get costumes made really quickly but it is always best to get in touch as soon as possible as it is always much better if you have the costume in good time with enough time for a dress rehearsal etc! Ideally you should allow at least 6 weeks .

We can make any of our costumes in a different fabrics or for example with bootleg bottoms instead of shorts and we can provide you with a quote for this as there may be a variation in price.

Here are a few examples of custom made costumes made in the last few months, if you click on the link below the photo it will take you to the product details page for that costume.


  1. Emma clarke


    Wonder if you can help me I am thinking of doing a group dance to a selection of the songs from the film Home. Catsuit based purple with different colours for the top half to look like the jacket they all wear?! Hope this makes sense…….. My number is 07984159743 if you think this is something that can be made or don’t understand. Thank you Emma

  2. Alison rice

    Hello my daughter is doing a dance as the character Mulan and we are wondering if you have made anything like this before or how I would go about with ordering one.
    Thanks Alison

    • Hi Alison,we have not made a Mulan before but we could do this for you, our e mail is if you e mail me a few more details, age/size worn by dancer and date it is needed by and I will get back to you, it would be useful to know what music/song /costume you want as I recall from looking at this before here is more than one look. We can certainly do an oriental style kimono wrap over leotard with skirt .

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