Custom made modern solo catsuit-Fireworks -Katy Perry

Here is an example of a custom made catsuit we made recently.  Our client’s daughter needed a catsuit for a modern solo to “Fireworks” by Katy Perry.  We gave this a lot of thought .  We wanted to make something with a bit of attitude and with a nod to the fireworks theme without being too obvious.  We came up with this design with a very unusual bodice half polo neck and half asymmetric neckline and the bottoms in a hologram foiled print that we think looks very like fireworks and which will sparkle beautifully on stage.

Our client’s reaction::”Looks great…love it!  “It fitted perfectly”

As with all our creations we request lots of measurements so we can double check and query any that don’t seem right and then we create a pattern which uses as little as possible of the stretch at first so that it will last as long as possible .  These things take time and when making something like this we have to pay retail price for premium fabric so it is only worth doing if you will be performing the same number for a while. We are happy to work with clients to come up with the perfect fabric combination and design.