Fields of Gold lyrical dresses for dance school group

We loved making these beautiful gold lyrical dress dance festival costumes for one of our dance teacher clients who had some lovely ideas about how she wanted her dancers to look.  They are so pretty and they fit in perfectly with their music choice which was “Fields of Gold” .

Gold lyrical dresses for Fields of Gold dance school group

Gold lyrical dresses for Fields of Gold dance school group

We made two different styles at the request of our client and this really works, the little ones in the pinch front narrow strap design and the older girls in the sleeveless bodice with a deep V back-very elegant.  We can make any style lyrical dress but these are two of our favourites for dance festival and competition groups.

We spent a lot of time researching fabrics and found these lovely gold fabrics, each dance costume is made from 4 different fabrics, (from 3 different suppliers!!) a sparkly one for the bodice, a sheer fabric for the circular skirt ( circular skirts move and float beautifully!) , a skin tone lining for the bodice and a super quality stretch gold lycra for the leotard bottoms.  these were all made to measure and were a lovely fit, each dress cut to the desired length for each girl.


These gold lyrical dresses by  Dance Festival Costumes were made and delivered within approximately 4 weeks (we prefer to have longer wherever possible!) just in time for a dress rehearsal before their first dance festival with this new dance.

Our client and her dancers were thrilled with their dresses, here is our client’s feedback:

“Well this is the second lot of costumes Helen has made for us and again received a fabulous service! Helen worked with us to design and style the costumes to fit the style of dance but also show the girls off to their best! Such a pleasure to work with someone who understands children’s shapes and the need to accommodate different sizes! It has been a pleasure to work with you, the costumes are stunning and great value for money! Highly recommended to anyone needing costumes she is brilliant!”

Since then we heard the fantastic news that they came third in their first competition with this new dance and the judge commented on how striking the costumes were and how perfect they were for the music (We all know its the dancing that really matters, we just provide the icing on the cake!)

If you would like a quote for a group costume (or even a solo costume) please get in touch, we are happy to provide quotes to individuals and for groups to dance school principals and teachers.