How to measure your child

It is really important that you take your child’s measurements carefully as I would like to get your child’s costume right first time and it is in everyone’s interests to avoid returns. The guide below will help you take accurate measurements, please note that some of the measurements in the guide below will only be required for some of my costumes and others will only be needed for custom made costumes, so check which ones you need from the size chart before you start. All of my dance costumes have a good degree of stretch and so there is some leeway, few children will fit all of the given measurement exactly and so you will need to take a view on which size might be best. I am happy to help with any questions you may have about sizing, contact me

Here is a really useful guide by Dancewear Solutions on You Tube if you want to check you are measuring correctly:

Height-Ask your child to stand up straight against a wall without shoes, mark a spot level with the top of the child’s head on the wall and measure the distance to the floor in cm or inches.

Chest-Your child should stand up straight and you should use a tape measure to measure around the fullest part of the chest.

Waist-Using a tape measure, measure at the narrowest point above the hips around natural waist (make sure the tape measure is comfortable and that your child can breathe whilst it is place!)

Hips-Measure around the fullest part of the child’s hips/seat/bottom , take a few measurements so you know you have got a measurement at the fullest part.

Girth/vertical trunk-Place your tape measure on top of the right shoulder, take it down the front of the body, between and under legs/crotch , back up across buttocks/back to the top of the right shoulder. Note depending on your child’s size your tape measure may not be long enough, in which case use a piece of non-stretch string and then measure this using your tape measure!

Inside leg-Ask your child to stand up straight with legs slightly apart and measure from crotch down the inside of the leg to the floor.

Crotch length-Tie a string around the natural waist (or even better use the elasticated belt that comes with most ballet leotards! and keep it in place for the next measurement too!) and then measure from the front waist down under crotch and back up to the back waist.

Back Waist length-Measure from the top of your child’s backbone (nobbly bit at base of the neck-if child bends head forward might be easier to locate) to the natural waist (point where you took last measurement)

Sleeve length 

I want to know the length of sleeve required so from where the seam would be on a blouse at the shoulder down to 1cm below wrist bone, like this:

sleeve length sketch

Why do we  ask for so many measurements?  Because  in the absence of being able to do a fitting in person , a good accurate set of measurements helps us to make you a costume that fits perfectly.  It is not a good idea to add some on to your child’s measurements to allow room for growth, we always try and do this anyway where possible so if this is a particular concern make sure you mention it when discussing your costume with us. If your measurements are wrong your costume will fit the measurements but not your child, if you need any help please just ask!

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