Little Match Girl Character Dance Costume for Dance Festivals and Competitions

Here is a costume we made a couple of months ago for a dancer performing a character solo based on the Little Match Girl  fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.  We were asked to make a costume that looked really drab and impoverished.  We made a bodice with dirndl skirt and made the edge really raggedy so it looked perfect for a little match girl costume (or a Cosette from Les Miserables dance costume in fact!).  We put patches on the skirt which we cut as a circle skirt so that it would move nicely when dancing.  We also made a little apron (with a patch of course!) and a scarf and a matching headscarf.  We love making character and song and dance costumes and we are always happy to provide no obligation quotes for custom made costumes, contact us if you would like something custom made.  What did our client say about her custom made costume?  “The costume arrived just as were leaving to go to rehearsals …it’s perfect”