Little Red Riding Hood Character Song and Dance costume “Into the Woods”

Sharing one of our recent custom made creations, created for a dancer performing a song and dance number from “Into the Woods” at a dance festival, as Little Red Riding Hood . Our client wanted a replica of the amazing Little Red Riding Hood cloak created for the film version of “Into the Woods”.  We love this design, so different form the usual Little Red Riding Hood type cloak and so much better for dancing and moving in as the cloak does not cover the shoulders.  Hard to describe and even harder to make ! This is supposed to be a bit like a tabard yet still maintain a lovely flow and be as circular as possible.  I ended up spending an afternoon freeze framing clips to try and work out how to make this.  Our client was very pleased with the cloak which she put together with a dress very similar to the one in the film , saying:

“The cloak looked beautiful on stage ”

Here are some pictures:

We make lots of different character and song and dance costumes, all are custom made, it is worthwhile remembering that we use the best quality fabric sand often have to create a bespoke pattern or substantially amend an existing one when making song and dance and character costumes. Each costume involves several hours work (at the very least) and prices start at around £80/90 for the simplest costumes.  Before contacting me you might want to check out some examples of our creations for character and song and dance and also our amazing customer reviews

Contact us for a quote without any obligation, if you have an idea of how you want the costume to look or you have been given guidance from your dance teacher then it is always helpful to include that .