Lost Boys – Neverland Lyrical Dance School Group Costumes

This dance school were doing a group lyrical dance with a “Lost Boys” from Neverland theme so something less floaty and with a bit more “attitude” was wanted. The Lost Boys were  a group of rag tag boys so we tried to find a way of making something  that looked pretty but not too pretty!!!!! a bit ragtag, a tribal lyrical look,  but not scruffy!!! We loved working on these. If possible the dance school wanted variations on a theme with the girls not all having exactly the same costume.  Here is what Dance Festival Costumes  came up with. In addition to a range of different dance costumes, we provided some strips of fabric and amazing tie dye fishnet and I have to say a big well done to their dance teacher and the mums for the hair and make up and how they accessorized these. On their first outing with this new dance at a Dance Festival, they came 2nd (and they look absolutely lovely) So a big well done to all of you and a big thank you to their dance teacher and mums for sending me so many lovely pictures.  Their dance teacher (for whom we made these and the Boovs gave us this lovely feedback:

“I would highly recommend Helen at Dance Festival Costumes, her quality of costumes and attention to detail is outstanding right from the consultation to the finished product.  Communication was excellent throughout Helen kept me updated regularly and came up with a brilliant design to suit exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for a really brilliant service, the children love their costumes.”

We started with a basic dress as below , asymmetric in a fabulous brown lycra that we found , lovely matt crepe finish and with contrast leaf green lycra built in shorts.

Then we worked on some ideas, on some of the costumes instead of the asymmetric tribal lyrical skirt we used cascade frills made from a sheer fabric,kind of looks a bit raggedy but still pretty!! And for others we added a sheer overlay asymmetric cropped top . Some of the girls had  a single cascade frill in tie dye fishnet.  If you would like costumes either solo, duet or larger groups please get in touch, we are very straightforward about costs and price will always be based on a combination of fabric cost and the amount of time we thing something will take to make.  We can come up with designs based on what you want and supply you with sketches before we start work .  At the time of writing (May 6th 2016) we are quite booked up  but could maybe take on one more group in June.  if you are looking further ahead it is never too early to start discussing the design, generally the more time we have the cheaper we can do it as we can make initial sizes for the team to try on and then take the order by size rather than having to custom make each one. If you would like to see more of our work, here is a link to the group page