Moana character song and dance costumes

We were asked recently to make costumes for Moana song and dance /character solos and here are the results.  It is always hard to create a real costume for dance festivals and competitions inspired by a cartoon version as the cartoon costume does not necessarily move or fit the way a real costume would ! Both of these costumes have a built in hand made “grass effect” skirt and an over skirt with trimming to re create the Moana character’s skirt .  Both of these costumes were made as two pieces with built in shorts.  One has real shells and the other shell effect buttons.  We can make more or less anything , there is a lot of work in this particular costume and a number of different fabrics/trims.  Contact us for a quote , always best to allow as much time as possible as we get heavily booked at this time of year with large groups as well as solo commissions.

Client feedback:

“Hi Helen.  Thank you so much for the costume, it fits perfectly and is very well made.  ”

“Hello Helen, Happy New Year To You. It is absolutely perfect!! [my daughter] is so made up with it, had the biggest beam on her face when she tried it on. Kind regards [G]”