National Dance Costumes

Dance Festival Costumes can provide a quote for any National Dance Costume , click on link below photo to go to the relevant product details page (where there is one) .  Contact us now  for a quote without any obligation to buy, e mail or on 07891978774


  1. Alison

    Hi I need a gypsy costume for character ballet dance for a festival competition would u be able to make one ? Aged 11yrs ?

  2. Lucy Goodman

    Hi I am looking for a quote for a French national costume. The area is Brittany. It needs to be predominantly black with a full apron and colourful trims. Daughter is nearly 10, tall but v slim. Also looking for a lyrical modern costume. She’s talking about mauve, pale blue, pinks and lilac. Thanks Lucy Goodman.(Now in touch by email !)

  3. Lesley Jubb

    Hi there, bit of a long shot but I wondered how long it would take to get a Spanish national costume made for my 16 year old daughter who is 5’11. I need it rather quickly and everything I’ve found online doesn’t have a full enough (or long enough) skirt. She needs to hold on to the skirt during the dance with her arms held up high do it needs to be very full.

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