New Mexican National Solo Costume in Pink!

Thought we would show you a new Mexican national solo costume we made over the summer, absolutely lovely .   This costume involves a lot of work , for any of you who did not pay attention in maths or who have forgotten it, take note , the a skirt is a double circle so it has lots of volume and so it can be swirled and held up high during the dance.  This involves a lot of fabric and ribbon and a lot of sewing.!! The frill around the bottom is approximately 20 metres!! So that it lasts we make the top as a leotard with built in pants from stretch fabric and the skirt has an adjustable waist. Oh- we also make matching Mexican traditional pom pom hair accessories.    Contact me if you would like to discuss, these take time so please allow at least 4 weeks.

Here is the feedback we received from our client:

“Helen, Thank You so much for providing such a wonderful costume and for you advice and patience.  I really struggled to get a costume for this National Dance without buying from abroad.  Many costume makers decline to make such National Costumes due to the complexity and accuracy required.  You have delivered in all areas.  I would certainly recommend your services!”