Secret Garden Character Solo Dance Costume

This costume was made for a dancer performing a character dance solo as Mary from the Secret Garden.  We love making character ballet solo and song and dance costumes for dance festivals and competitions as they give us a chance to show what we can do but we are limiting the numbers of these that we take on going forward as they take a lot of time so please get in touch sooner rather than later.  This costume is sailor style with lovely contrast bands in a paler blue.  the skirt was made with lots of volume so it allowed freedom of movement when dancing.

We make all our costumes using measurements supplied and we provide extensive guidance on how to take these and so far all our customers have been thrilled with their costumes not just in terms of how they look but the excellent fit too.  Here is the feedback we received from this client:

“It is fab!! Thank you so much -it’s exactly as wanted and fits perfectly xx”

“Thank you so much for this costume -it looked wonderful on stage X”

Hi at last I’ve got some photos sorted – Here’s a couple of [my daughter] in her Secret Garden costume X Thanks again for sorting it and at short notice – it is fab xx

Additional details including a belt around the waist to replicate the look of the original in the photo below.  We even re created the blue and white trim using a wide navy blue trim and narrow white ribbon.  The cuffs are in the paler blue contrast trim too to recreate the original look.

Contact us if you would like to have a dance costume made for modern, tap, character, song and dance, national or lyrical, whether for solos or groups.